Too much crime in RVC


Dear Editor,

Our family has lived in Rocky View County (RVC) since before it was a county, before Alberta was a province – that is, for more than 100 years. Never before have we been nervous or worried about our safety, until now, in 2018.

Three of my family’s homes in RVC have recently been broken into and valuables stolen in broad daylight, and we are not alone. All our extended family have had vehicle thefts right in their farmyard.

These low-life thieves have been getting bolder and bolder – and more professional, with sophisticated break-in tools. The RCMP do their best, but they are so swamped with these thefts, they cannot possibly investigate as thoroughly as they would like. Then, when they do catch someone red-handed, all the perpetrator receives from the judge is a fine. So discouraging, for the RCMP officers.

It is time for serious action on the part of RVC to assist the RCMP in keeping our citizens safe. We have Crime Watch organizations that work with the police, and I am a member, but in reality, we have no power. We try to keep our eyes open and record license numbers, etc., but this is not our job. We are farmers, ranchers or go to jobs in the city, and we are all busy earning a living so we can pay taxes to RVC and the two other levels of government that are supposed to be taking care of our protection from these criminals.

Here are some suggestions for RVC council:

Hire people to patrol the roads day and night. They don’t have to be police officers, although retired police officers, retired firemen or off-duty firemen would possibly appreciate the work. Give each one a certain area of the county so they get to know the residents, and the residents know them and their vehicle. This way, they know who should be on the roads and they can then notify the RCMP of any suspicious activity, record suspicious license plates, etc.

Also, petition the provincial and federal governments for more funds to cover this and to mete out more serious punishments than just a fine. Please do something about this crime wave before we all take things into our own hands.

JoAnn Jones



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