Roundups allow disposal of agricultural material


Rocky View County (RVC) is once again providing opportunities for local producers to dispose of recyclable materials in an environmentally-conscious way through agricultural roundups – mobile collection stations for agricultural waste materials.

After holding six ag roundups earlier this summer, RVC will host three more throughout September – at the Madden Transfer Site Sept. 5, the Delacour Community Hall Sept. 12 and the Jumping Pound Community Hall Sept. 26.

“It’s important that we run these events to give an option for the farming community and the ag community that are conscientious about where their materials go and want to be more environmentally responsible, and keep things out of the landfill and do the right thing with the materials they have,” said Jennifer Koole, lead solid waste and recycling advisor with RVC. “It gives them an option that’s better than burying or burning or stockpiling on their farms.”

Each roundup runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., with containers on site to collect, free of cost, specialized agricultural materials that are usually generated on a seasonal basis. Koole said staff will be available to help ensure materials are directed into the proper bins.

“We do ask that you come ready to unload your materials, but we do have some help available there if needed,” she said.

A variety of materials will be accepted at the roundups, including plastic twine in clear bags, used pesticides, oil, paint, e-waste, tires, grain bags, silage wrap and bale wrap. Koole said RVC will not accept tarps, net wrap for bales or twine that isn’t plastic. They also won’t accept garbage. She added anyone who brings unacceptable materials may be asked to take them home.

Certain items may need to be dropped of in a specific way – for example, twine must be in a clear bag and wire must be rolled. Koole said this ensures smooth processing of the recyclables once they are delivered to an end-user. Additionally, she said, anyone hoping to drop off tires or oil is asked to call 403-520-6378 in advance.

According to Koole, this year’s roundups have been a success, so far. Through a survey administered at the roundups, she said the County has discovered many in RVC’s agricultural community value environmental stewardship and feel a need to take care of the land for their families and future generations. While they don’t have total participation numbers yet, since the roundups aren’t finished, Koole said RVC has observed increased turnout and increased volume of material compared to years past.

“We think the word is just getting out,” she said. “We’ve been doing them since 2013, so they’re getting to be well-known. We do think that there’s more interest in doing the right things with materials.”

For anyone in RVC who missed a nearby roundup earlier this year, Koole said the materials collected at these events are also accepted year-round at the waste transfer sites in Langdon, Irricana, Bragg Creek or Airdrie.

Koole added RVC is holding two similar roundups geared towards collecting household hazardous waste such as paints, cleaners, auto care products and solvents. The first will take place Sept. 9 at the SpringHill RV Park, followed by a roundup Sept. 15 at the Elbow Valley Fire Station.


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