Making a difference


Things never change overnight. Anyone who has ever embarked on a mission to lose weight or quit smoking can attest to that. But seeing progress is always encouraging, which is why we’re pleased to see the latest report from the RCMP (see our story here).

We’ve heard increasing reports from residents who have perceived an increase in crime in their neighbourhoods, and we certainly don’t doubt that with a growing population, there may seem to be higher crime rates, as well. But the RCMP’s six-month evaluation of its Crime Reduction Strategy indicates that this new approach to policing seems to be making a difference. Vehicle theft numbers are down, break and enter numbers are down, and the number of overall thefts within the province of Alberta has decreased, as well.

Rocky View County (RVC) residents are also doing their part to address the issue – our communities are home to a number of volunteer crime-watch organizations. And, with the province’s announcement of increased grant funding for groups like this, we expect we will see more pop up in the months to come.

We’re pleased to see some effort being made to help the people who have chosen to raise families or open businesses here in RVC – and we’re especially pleased to see that effort paying off with measured results.
Sustainable improvements take time to implement, and we’re hoping to see those crime statistics continue to drop as the first year of this new program comes to an end.


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