Full support for Cochrane-area music festival


Dear Editor,

No Greater Love Music Festival is coming to the Cochrane area Aug. 11 and 12. This is the third year this festival has been held in this area. I live near the facility of the Baptist Seminary where this festival will be held. I welcome the extra traffic and the thousands of dollars in economic benefits this festival brings to the area.

Living in this area, we are accustomed to increased traffic with the BMX Park, the horse events and the Ag Society functions. The Cochrane Straddle Plant is also on this road. This is the largest Canadian Christian Music Festival and we are proud to have it here in the Cochrane area.

I have volunteered for the last two years and it is refreshing to see a family music festival where there are no drugs, no drug dealers and no drunken idiots falling down or spilling beer on the children. Rocky View County should put their full support behind this event. It is exactly the kind of tourism we want in the area. It is a family event and I am so proud to have it here right in our community.

This year the festival is expecting more than 5,000 participants and have around 250 to 300 camping spots available. Last year, there were 200+ volunteers making this a fun and safe event. The organizers do not take a salary and they do it for their love of music and people. It is also a great employer with many friends from Morley and area put to work.

The area hotels, restaurants, service stations, stores and campgrounds, et cetera, reap a significant economic benefit, a benefit that far surpasses any concern about extra traffic.

Daniel Grant

Cochrane Lake


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