Irricana looking into green bins


Irricana Town council directed administration during its Nov. 7 meeting to enter negotiation with RMW Consulting in regards to implementing an organic green bin recycling program in the community.

Mayor Dennis Tracz said this motion was a follow-up to another passed Sept. 19, which also asked administration to determine if the program could commence prior to October.

The Town, he said, has done enough with the green bins in the way of research and public consultation.

“It’s time to move on and get the green bins implemented,” Tracz said.

This motion, he said, is not a commitment to a green bin program, but rather a way for Irricana’s chief administrative officer to work with RMW and figure out the best solution for the community.

A contract would then be brought to the Jan. 23 council meeting for an in camera discussion before it is voted upon.

“We can hash it out then,” said Councillor Kim Schmaltz, who said during the meeting he was unsure about the program.

Skating rink

The kids of Irricana may just have a sheet of ice to skate on this winter.

Council approved a budget of $5,000 to remove the unsafe boards that have prevented the outdoor rink from operating the past two seasons.

Whether it is snow, hay bails or dirt, Deputy Mayor Frank Friesen directed administration to also determine the best method to erect a temporary skating rink at the location.

This was an important motion, he said, as the loss of the skating rink in the winter and splash park in the summer has left Irricana’s kids with few options for outdoor activities.

“At least this gives kids something to do this winter,” Friesen said.

The unsafe boards had to come down regardless, Tracz said.

Though the temporary rink is scheduled to open by Dec. 15, he said council would look towards a complete reconstruction in March 2017.

Rejoining CRP

Council unanimously voted to rejoin the Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP), which it pulled out of in March.

Talks to rejoin began in May when a report of CRP’s proposed regional broadband Internet plan was presented to council.

“It seems to me that they’re actually doing a lot more than we gave them credit for,” Tracz said at the time.

The fee for membership is $500, which Schmaltz said is not a huge sum in comparison to the benefits the Town gets from being a part of CRP.

“Even the advertising we get out of it, it’s worth it,” Schmaltz said.


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